Golden Tax Connector – Connect NetSuite to the Chinese Golden Tax System

golden tax connector shearwater

In China, most companies use ERP systems to manage their sales information, and have to separately use the Golden Tax System to print the corresponding VAT invoice information.

Current situation : The invoice details are inputted in the ERP System and then manually copied into the Golden Tax System. This implies a waste of time and labor. Furthermore, man-made faults causes mistakes in data, and in order to avoid mistakes, repeat confirmation are required, all of which lowers the work efficiency.

As the Leading NetSuite Partner in APAC, Shearwater provides a modern cloud solution to those problems. Most companies agree that Shearwater’s Golden Tax Connector makes operations more efficient, stable and secure by using NetSuite in conjunction with this VAT invoice management.



・Split implementation of invoices according to their limits

・Statistics of invoice details of the same client

・Easy invoicing and convenient invoice research

・Recording of all the invoice operations



You can find the app on the marketplace, here: