Shearwater got Data Spider Servista Certification in Japan

data spider certification by

Shearwater is pleased to announce its new Data Spider Servista Certification by, in Japan. Shearwater got the certification because we developed a connector to NetSuite.

What is Data Spider Servista ?

It is offering you to connect then integrate, and finally automate easily all your business operations. Data Spider Servista allows you to create a HUB between all your devices, applications and system used. Then the software will integrate all your data. Data will be push to Data Spider Servista Cloud and will cooperate smoothly and easily inside the cloud. Thanks to the application you will also optimize your analytic performance, because BI analysis tools is incorporated.

Why use Data Spider Servista connector to NetSuite by Shearwater ?

Using our connector, you can synchronize easily all your data into Netsuite. And then you will smoothly run all of your key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud. 

Key Benefits:

  • Data integration in a HUB

  • Cloud cooperation

  • Business Intelligence enhanced to optimize your analytic performance

  • IoT cooperation to go always further

  • No coding, only drag and drop

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