The highest quality database of contacts in Japanese organizations!

Our Keyman-Search tool is an exclusive database of several thousand contacts in Japanese large companies that has been built over more than 10 years.

Japanese businesses are required to publish Human Resources changes, and many are taking the chance to market themselves.

We have computerized several hundred of thousands of pages, and have been able to scan contacts names, occupations, departments, companies and other data. Our technology allow us to track contacts occupations through the year.

The contacts are updated daily.

More than 7800 companies, 1.000.000 data points!

japanese business market shearwater
  • Data at your fingertips and easy to use!

The database is searchable by many dimensions, including the following:

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Department – new, old etc
  • date of publication
  • date of Human resources changes
  • Industry

Of course, all of those accept partial and approximate Key-words.

You can also set-up alerts, to keep tabs on your prospects or competitors.

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