Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co.Ltd

Company Characteristic : Menard is a prestigious cosmetic maker with oversea subsidiaries located among 24 countries. Their enormous business scale and globally separated workflows strongly required a powerful integrated system to manage various transactions and producing procedures.

Project Accomplishment:By installing the customized Netsuite package covering inventory, CRM, and financial sections, Menard efficiently integrated all the management info into one platform. The Cloud-based system greatly cut off the overall expense and supported the growing of their newly-established Malaysia branch.

Hi-technology Trading Co.Ltd

Company Characteristic : Hi-technology is a Trading company specialized in technological products and accessories. During peak season, the company needs to continually follow up with many transactions and prepare countless related files, which has become a tough challenge for their limited members.

Project Accomplishment:With the support and customization performed by Shearwater’s well-experienced team, Hi-technology swiftly shifted all operations into the automated Netsuite system, which remarkably simplified the working process and improved response efficiency.

Ootomo Co.Ltd

Company Characteristic : After decades of expanding, Ootomo has developed a great variety of business involving several independent sections. To cope with the complexity, the company is looking for a well-fit management system as well as professional IT support.

Project Accomplishment:Based on careful analyzation of Ootomo’s business structure, Shearwater perfectly meet their expectation by Netsuite’s functional system package.

Green Wings Japan Inc

Company Characteristic : Working on Fresh-cut flowers & plants import and distribution, efficiency of inventory turnover is essential for GW’s business growth. Traditional offline ordering systems and separated resource management system keep on hindering processes and lead to delays.

Project Accomplishment:With the help of Shearwater, Green Wings successfully established their own ERP platform, which greatly speed up the order, inventory, payment process flow, enabling it to cope with demand surge during peak periods like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Working with Shearwater and NetSuite also allows GreenWings Japan to implement a B2B E-commerce platform in the future.

ISHIGAKI Company, Ltd.

Company Characteristic : Established in 1958, the famous pumps and machines manufacturing factory has spread its plants through Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. On its global blueprint for expansion, ISHIGAKI was looking for a powerful integrated system to support its continually growing business.

Project Accomplishment:Shearwater’s Netsuite consulting experts collaboration has proved crucial to help ISHIGAKI build a fully functional cloud ERP system for their new US branch within three months, in complete compliance with US’s accounting standards.

Dream Incubator Inc

Company Characteristic : Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2005, DI is managing several business units all over Asia and frequently interact with thousands of clients. The heavy workload of information systems management and the growing overhead costs have become an obstacle for further development.

Project Accomplishment:By replacing their premises-based systems with  Netsuite, DI synthesizes its business into a single integrated system in the cloud, across accounting/ERP, CRM, and other internal operations. Meanwhile, the highly automated platform reduces unnecessary manual processes and duplication of data entry, which effectively avoids manual error and consequently lead to a drastic business acceleration.

Monotaro Inc.

Company Characteristic : Recognized as the largest manufacturing accessories & components retailer in Japan, Monotaro’s E-commerce platform covers over 320,000 items with various brands . To ensure the efficiency of every single deal and avoid data disorder, Monotaro needs a comprehensive unified suite to support its highly modernized business in Singapore.

Project Accomplishment:Based on Netsuite’s multi-functional system, Monotaro reached a breakthrough of order processing efficiency, with only two third of the overall operating expense. Working closely with Shearwater‘ s experienced consultants, Monotaro successfully built up an optimized E-commerce portal website, which allows the real-time data integration between online business platform and the order management system as well as accounting, all in one platform.

NASA Corporation Inc.

Company Characteristic: NASA Corporation is a fast growing company focusing on food catering and packaging machinery business exports, especially tea and coffee packaging machines. After expanding their subsidiaries in Asia and North Africa, the rapidly increasing management workload and personnel overheads cost urgently call for an integrated and high-performance system.

Project Accomplishment: Thanks to Shearwater expertise, Netsuite provide real-time operational performance along with deep insights in the financials of each entity. This system enables NASA to achieve a better forecasting and resources allocation, which consequently lead lower expenditures, less management clutter and higher profits.

Midoriya Electric Co. Ltd.

Company Characteristic: Established in 1946, Midoriya started its business by offering electric products within domestic market and gradually expanded into exporting Japanese electronics components to Southeast Asian countries, as well as importing measurement instruments into Japan. To keep their complex workflows in perfect order, Midoriya needs a flexible platform which allows easy customization.

Project Accomplishment: NetSuite integrates all the vital functions including e-commerce, financials, order and inventory management and CRM. Thanks to Shearwater’s professionals, Midoriya Singapore’s specific requirements have always been satisfied by practical customized solutions and timely consulting responses.

Link Sports Entertainment Inc

Company Characteristic : Link Sports & Entertainment focuses on consulting and operations for major sports teams and entertainment events. The company is the owner of the Tochigi Brex Basketball Team in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Traditional way of CRM and team management system turns out to be increasingly money-consuming and lacking efficiency for fans club management across several locations, following the team travels across the country. Cloud CRM and project planning have been prioritized to help with growth.

Project Accomplishment :  After successfully implementin the Could-based Netsuite CRM system, LinkSports greatly streamlined the entire customer experience during the events. The system allows fans to register for events, book seats, receive presents, enter a lottery etc, adding a ton of fun to the matches. This allows LinkSport to increase fans loyalty to the team.

System Go Inc.

Company Characteristic: System Go Corporation is a network hardware systems integrator with operations in several asian countries. As its transnational business went bigger, so did costs. System Go decided to recharge the corporation with a cloud-based system. After comparing several systems, NetSuite was chosen for its integrated approach.

Project Accomplishment: Collaborating closely with the Shearwater experts, SystemsGo smoothly set up a brand new ERP platform without any extra IT infrastructures. NetSuite being used across the group allow for unprecedented speed and efficiency.