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Shearwater provides extensive support during the Post Go-Live Support period as part of the project and offers to extend such support in a comprehensive Application Management Support package with our dedicated support platform.

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Shearwater Support Overview

Post Go-Live Support

Support characteristics

Application Management Support


Time & duration

Monitor & Maintain

Respond & Resolve

Support Activity Groups

Monitor & Maintain

Respond & Resolve

Service levels

Daily Rates to be agreed based on package:


Fees depending on service package:


Monitor & Maintain

Monitoring & Maintain activities will ensure that the solution remains in good health, mitigate model or data related risks, and help avoid business disruptions.

Model Optimisation

User Access


Data Checks Alerts

Status meetings and reporting


Respond & Resolve

The services that can be requested from Shearwater are divided between Model Issues and Platform (Workday Adaptive Planning) issues. This is followed by the Request Type, Category and Definitions for each group

Solution category

Resolve Issues / Defects (Issue tickets)

Provide Service (Service requests)

User Access / Authorization

Resolution of defects related to user access, individual user settings, and authorizations

Generic model training and any type of "how to" clarifications requested by the users

Data load / Interfaces

Resolution of defects related to data load mechanisms and interfaces

Guide users to load data and scheduling automated interfaces

Data Quality / Enrichment

Resolution of defects related to data quality and gaps during load or in Workday Adaptive Planning

Support users with explanations and testing of data quality, requirements and analysis

Data mapping

Resolution of defects related mapping of data in various hierarchies and mapping tables

Guide users with data mapping instructions and design, and minor changes to mapping


Resolution of defects related to logic, calculations, lookups, etc.

Guide and explain to users how logic works in Workday Adaptive Planning, and minor changes to logic

Reports and dashboards

Resolution of defects related to dashboard displays, missing data, outdated views, etc.

Guide and explain to users the dashboard features, and bug fixes

User Clarification / Training

Support users in minor changes to views of dashboards


Triage and management of Workday Adaptive Planning issues and escalation to Level 3 support

Provide user access and minor changes to user settings


Respond & Resolve

Following the triage procedure, raised tickets will be routed from the Super User to the Issue Owner, who will be responsible for resolving the issue. The Issue Owner will contact the super user for testing and to verify resolution.

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Ticketing System Utilization

Customer users can raise tickets through Shearwater's internal ticketing system, ensuring an organized process for handling user requests.

Named Super User Engagement

Tickets are directed to a Named Super User who examines and resolves internal issues. If necessary, the Super User escalates the matter to the Shearwater Helpdesk.

Level 1 Support Triage

The Shearwater Helpdesk, in Level 1 support, examines and prioritizes user requests based on severity definitions. Updates on request status are communicated to the Super User, and unresolved issues are forwarded to Level 2.

Level 2 Issue Owner Resolution

Level 2 support involves the Issue Owner assessing defect/change requests, guiding users, providing services, and delivering quick solutions, fixes, and defect testing.

Workday Adaptive Planning Support Escalatio

For issues related to the Workday Adaptive Planning platform, Shearwater advises customers to raise requests to Level 3 Workday.

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