Generic Connectors

Synchronize data and Automate business processes to NetSuite thank to Shearwater Connectors

NetSuite On-Site Backup

The Backup Product is a complete connector that takes schema, relations and data from your NetSuite account and store it on your local database or on windows azure.

The purpose of the backup product is to help users maintain local copy of the NetSuite database which they can use for data validation, reporting and backup.

Key Benefits

  • Help maintain a local copy of the NetSuite database.
  • On the fly high performance reports.
  • Differential data storage.
  • Increase data accessibility.
  • Integrated BI tool for reporting.
  • Easy additional customization.

Razorcashflow – NetSuite Connector

RazorCashflow connector to NetSuite incorporates an intelligent financial forecasting engine and a Capital Management toolkit to give you visibility into your businesses future performance and tools to administrate your financial stability with confidence.

Key Benefit

See the impact of changes in your present business, on your future business

  • Intelligent Financial Forecasting Engine simulates your future performance and stability each month, automatically.
  • Manually make adjustments against the forecast for known and planned ‘one off’ exceptions.
  • Run your prefered financial reports ‘P&L, BS, CF @ ‘Next Quarter’, ‘Next Year’
  • Bring the ‘future performance’ onto your dashboards for comparative reporting.

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netsuite medical extension by shearwater

SuiteClinic Connector

SuiteClinic is a complete connector especially developed to link medical sector needs to Netsuite Cloud Solution.

The extension is packed with features that will cover all areas of your clinic operations. SuiteClinic delivers high-quality performance and dependability to ensure that your day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Key Benefits:

  • Scheduling, Appointment setting and SMS and email reminders
  • Consultation : edit easily medical certificate
  • One solution to deal with medicine inventory, stock and purchasing
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Customize your financial report to properly handle your business
  • Accurate patient history keep safe into the system

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CamCard Connector

CamCard Connector was developed to automatically record or update your leads from your business cards by integrating NetSuite with CamCard!

Use CamCard to capture all your business cards, and all the contact information can be quickly & accurately read and saved to your smartphone. Then using our connector you will will be able to synchronize and manage all contact information through NetSuite.

Key Benefits:

  • Read, Scan and Save all the business card you get with your smartphone or tablet
  • Exchange quickly your business card thanks to smartphone
  • Manage globally all contact information through NetSuite Database
  • Share your contact with all your company department
  • Customize endlessly your contact database

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shearwater camcard connector to netsuite
data spider servista connector to NetSuite by Shearwater

Data Spider Servista Connector

Thanks to Data Spider Servista you can reach a full cooperation of all your devices and applications !

You will be able to create a HUB integrating all your data from inside and outside. Data Spider Servista is cloud-friendly which improve one more time your performance, and data management.

Using our connector, you can synchronize easily all your data into Netsuite, and smoothly run all of your key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud. 

Key Benefits:

  • Data integration in a HUB

  • Cloud cooperation

  • Business Intellingence enhanced to optimize your analytic performance

  • IoT cooperation to go always further

  • No coding, only drag and drop

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