New Features for the Adaptive Suite 2017

What is new in Adaptive 2017.1!

Adaptive Insights, the leader in Cloud Corporate Management continuously improve their already impressive suite. In this article, we will introduce some of the new exciting features. As always you are welcome to contact us with any questions or inquiries that you may have regarding the implementation of Adaptive Insights. As for the improvements, we have boiled them down for you below;

  • Visual Model Overview: This new feature provides you with a visual representation of your entire planning model. See the above for an example. Get a quick visual understanding of how components such as sheets, assumptions, and accounts are linked together.
  • Master formulas: These formulas take priority over any shared data or formulas such as cash-flow, year to date income/loss etc. They can be entered in as a global property of either General ledger or custom accounts, applying for all levels, version and time periods.
  • Bulk Structure update: Levels, dimensions, and accounts can now be updated and maintained through bulk updates via simple Excel uploads.
  • Modeled Sheet Import: The definitions of a modeled sheet can now be downloaded and uploaded in the sheet administration. This is particularly useful if you wish to copy sheets between instances and models.
  • Attributes on modeled accounts: Now, dimension attributes can be used as columns on modeled sheets as well as filters on linked accounts, increasing their utility in models.
  • Formula Assistant: The already powerful formula assistant has been improved with further drop-down menu functionality.
Excel Interface Planning
  • Merge Pending Sheet Changes: Standard sheets can now be refreshed with the latest planning data, without any of their pending changes. The user can now either merge or overwrite pending changes with the latest data.
  • Offline Excel Formulas: Allows users to apply formulas from Excel to an offline Adaptive Planning sheet and push the resolved value back to the server while retaining the formula in the offline sheet.
  • Multiple versions on sheets: This functionality is now available in the Excel interface, just as it has been in the web application since 2016.2.
  • Report Notes in Columns: Notes can now be displayed in the rightmost column of a report.
  • Reusable Reports: New reports can be built with components of existing reports. Simply flag the report as reusable, and its elements can be dragged to a new report.
  • Repeating Reports in OfficeConnect: Existing formatted reports can now be duplicated multiple times by a set of levels or dimensions. For example, one P&L report can now be copied for every organizational level in the company.
  • Find and Replace in OfficeConnect: Find and replace functionality is now available in OfficeConnect.
  • Map Dial Enhancements: Users can now select series colors on heat maps when visualizing metrics associated with geographic dimensions.
  • Data Point and Dial Level Drilling Enhancement: It is now possible to limit the dimensions that are exposed for data point and dial level drilling so only relevant dimensions are exposed for drill downs from a dial.
  • Column, Line and Area Chart Enhancements: Accounts can now be plotted as an accumulated series (cumulative sum) in column, line, and area charts.
Want to know more?

All updates in Adaptive planning are made available automatically to customers free of charge as they are implemented. Will this change how you are using Adaptive, or have these new features spiked your interest in adopting Adaptive Insight for your Planning and Forecasting needs? We at Shearwater are ready to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding any aspect of Adaptive Insights. Why wait, contact us today.