NetSuite Manufacturing Edition

Bring Efficiency and Visibility to your Business

Product Features

NetSuite’s software suite is the best choice for manufacturers wanting a complete business solution. Its comprehensive functionality provides manufacturers with the software needed to run a modern business

  • Design

    Automatic import share of BOM in cooperation with CAD software

  • Order Management

    Status management of the order

  • Sales & Marketing

    Automatic quote issuance, and order documents, input will be speedy

  • Supply Chain Automation

    Automated forecast and re-order point, simplify distribution resource planning

  • Production Managment

    Improve scheduling, work order management and increase product quality

  • Service & Support

    Online support window, manage warranty returns and enable customer self-service.

  • Accounting & Finance

    Enhance intercompany account, costing and payment management.

  • Online Business

    Easily free trade and history referenced in the online portal

Key Benefits :


React swiftly to opportunities and challenges—NetSuite replaces unwieldy and complex processes with one software suite that pre-empts delays and errors that impact costs.


Achieve more with your existing resources—NetSuite converts silos of suppliers and consumers into synergistic partnerships that maximize profitability and loyalty.


Stay informed about every aspect of your business—NetSuite features a unified architecture that provides actionable insights about every aspect of your operation, anytime, anywhere.

NetSuite Users