Food and Beverage (F&B)

Optimise and automate your F&B key processes across all outlets with our integrated and comprehensive EPM solution.

The food and beverage (F&B) industry faces various challenges, including demand forecasting, supply chain management, cost control, menu planning, and regulatory compliance. These challenges can impact operational efficiency and profitability. 

Our solutions offer robust demand planning and forecasting features allowing precise customer demand prediction and optimisation of inventory management. Moreover, it supports cost control measures through budgeting, allocation, and variance analysis. You can optimise menu planning, utilises sales data, ingredient costs, and customer preferences to help you make informed decisions that drive profitability.

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Undertaking digital transformation is a complex yet essential process for businesses operating in the digital age. 

Here are some of our customers who have chosen Shearwater Asia to implement cloud-based ERP and EPM system. 


Boost your business growth using our stellar enterprise planning software. Streamline planning processes and achieve better outcomes with ease.

Features of Food and Beverage
Solutions We Offer

Product Data Management

Sales Forecasting

Accurately forecast occupancy, traffic, revenue per available room/seat hour, average daily rate, and customer spending. Our projections and analyses are tailored to specific geographic regions.

Food and Beverage System

Supply Planning

Optimise your supply capacity and manage cash flow effortlessly with our solution. Accurately predict and analyse occupancy trends and customer demand patterns to stay afloat.

Food and Beverage System

Planning and

Optimise supply and demand balance, streamline inventory and manufacturing resources, gain visibility for ingredient sourcing, and secure competitive pricing with our cloud-based solutions.

Food and Beverage System

CRM, Marketing and Promotions

Real-time consumer data is crucial for F&B businesses, particularly QSRs, to execute effective campaigns and entice fresh clientele. Enhance customer satisfaction at your QSR with interactive solutions through advanced systems.

Food and Beverage System


Shearwater Asia presents a lightweight and seamless POS system boasting robust functionality for managing intricate transactions. Our system integrates with various POS peripherals like barcode scanners, printers, kiosks, tablets, and smartphones.

Food and Beverage

Low-Code/No-Code Integrations

F&B businesses deal with vendors who often use different systems to manage their business processes. Our low-code/no-code integration tools will help you easily integrate your system with the systems used by your vendors and suppliers.


Connect your systems seamlessly and accelerate automation with Workato's integration-led automation tool. Eliminate the need for coding and achieve scale with ease. Discover the power of Workato today.

Benefits of Food and Beverage Solutions We Offer

NetSuite Food and Beverage Edition

Why Food and Beverage Organizations are Switching from QuickBooks to NetSuite
NetSuite for Food and Beverage Distributors

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