Localisation in China: Successful Expansion of Business in China with Cloud ERP System

Time to change to the way of overseas expansion

It is no exaggeration to say that the overseas expansion of business was decided by going directly to the country and negotiating with a local partner before the COVID19 pandemic. In addition, the conventional method is to dispatch expatriates from your country to the site and ask them to share the data of overseas subsidiaries to grasp the management status of overseas expansion destinations.

However, because the COVID19 pandemic made it difficult to move abroad, the decision-makers needed to give up actually going to the site and dispatching expatriates. Therefore, we need to change the conventional form of maintaining the business.


Significant increase in the importance of cloud ERP systems

For global expansion, you need to take care of lots of data: data management, information linkage, scale, and its priority. These decisions are of great concern not only to business managers but also to system managers and field workers. The decision-makers may influence the big decisions such as what can and cannot be done, but it is the workers who influence the decision-making in the details.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of these stakeholders could put together their data from different locations and see only the data they need?

The cloud ERP systems make this possible.

Among them, Oracle NetSuite is a global business management organisation for multinational corporations. It improves employee productivity and dramatically reducing IT costs, strengthening ordering and purchasing processes, and eliminating cumbersome spreadsheet-based reporting.


Localisation service to the Chinese market

Today, globalisation has progressed, and it is now possible to do business without being constrained by geography. Among the countries all over the world, China is the most populated country in the world and one of the largest producers and consumers of agricultural products.

In order to differentiate among the many local competitors, increase competitiveness and increase profitability, it is essential to have local knowledge of the Chinese market and localisation to overcome tax and language barriers.

When you implement the ERP system in China, you need a different perspective from introducing it in your country. In order to be able to use it in China, it is necessary to have a team of experts with engineering knowledge, and also legal knowledge such as financial requirements and taxes in China.


Why is Shearwater group the best partner for localisation in China?

Shearwater is a NetSuite implementation professional in the Chinese market. We will lead your business with services that have the following features.

1. Provide generous support based on the latest local information

Shearwater has its own overseas office not only in China but also in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries. We have certificated IT consultants who are familiar with the local language, business culture, tax system, and financial information. We can flexibly respond to changing economic conditions on a daily basis.

2. All-in-one stop service

Our primary goal is not just to implement the system, but to improve the business of our customers in the future.nnTherefore, we will lead your DX all-in-one from the beginning to the end, including system analysis and documentation, as well as project management, user settings, and training.

Our Support

1.​ Project Management

2. Business Requirement Documents

3. Initial Set-up

4. Accounting

5. Master data: suppliers

6. Master data: customers

7. Starting balances

8. Sales & Purchase management

9. Accounting & other management

10. Users and roles

11. Training


Oracle 5 Star Partner, No. 1 in Asia

Shearwater Group has the No. 1 implementation record in Asia for both the world’s No. 1 cloud ERP system Oracle NetSuite and the cloud-based intuitive budget, reporting, and analysis tool Workday Adaptive Planning.