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Workday Adaptive Planning for education

Make better decisions and respond with business agility

With the shift from enrollment-based to outcome-based funding, colleges and universities are reexamining the way they do business to find cost savings while ensuring student satisfaction, competency, and readiness for their career of choice.

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Seamless collaboration and streamlined budgeting

Reallocate budget dollars to support the university’s strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives. Inspire department heads to proactively review budgets with seamless workflows. Improve collaboration with department leaders.

Cohesive financial planning

Easily track data by mission and organisational structure. Single source of information that aligns all of the stakeholders on the same page. Spend less time on entering data and more time on strategic discussions.

Make Informed Decisions with Accurate Data

Liberate and enable your FP&A teams to dedicate more time on value-add activities

Transformational planning and budgeting

Provide easy ways to navigate dashboards and reporting tools to meet the needs of leaders, faculty, and staff. Align decision-making authority with responsibilities across schools and departments. Quickly built financial models, processes, dashboards, and reports to present a range of “what if” scenarios. 

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Enhanced Insights and Planning Efficiency

Integrated processes for School and Campus Life departments. Now have one shared source of data. Decision-makers have on-
demand access to information they need. Automate time consuming manual processes.

Driving Advanced Analytics

Develop advanced metrics around staffing, retention, and succession planning to make informed decisions. Drive operational efficiencies by streamlining internal processes across HR and


Transformation through Modern Planning

Implemented a modern planning solution with 250+ users. Improved speed, transparency, and quality of financial reporting, budgeting, and management decision-making. Transitioned from annual budget to detailed monthly budgeting, driving more effective monthly variance analytics.


Explore models built for higher education institutions.

University expense budgeting

Plan direct costs and allocate salaries and overhead across segments like colleges, schools, and departments. Give budget owners access to data with drill-down capabilities.

Student and tuition planning

Perform multiple what-if scenarios around tuition and fee revenue based on user-defined assumptions and trends. Assess the real-time financial impacts of rapidly changing enrolment numbers.

Grant planning

Create grant-level funding and spending plans to generate visibility into income and expenses over the life of a grant. Gain big-picture clarity into your overall research portfolio to position your organisation to more effectively compete for and secure grants and contracts.

Staff and faculty planning

Plan headcount as well as salary, benefits, taxes, and other employee-related costs across colleges and departments. Integrate HR and payroll systems to pull in employee data and utilise multiple fringe rate assumptions.

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