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Workday Adaptive Planning for software and tech

Make better decisions and respond with business agility

Standardised budgeting and forecasting improved centralised plan validation and reporting. Distributed teams and local experts enabled to collaborate and compile information within a single platform.

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Workforce planning across the organisation

Transformed annual leadership headcount and compensation plan into an easily maintainable monthly rolling forecast. Streamlined sales capacity planning through a fact-based, data-driven point of view to intentionally and proactively plan sales headcount.

Continuous planning in action

Increased ease of monthly financial reporting. Continuous planning with variety of scenario modelling. Reduced cycle times and gained faster data refreshes

Make Informed Decisions with Accurate Data

Liberate and enable your FP&A teams to dedicate more time on value-add activities

Operational Agility Through Modern Planning

Gained ability to create forecasts using local currencies and easily consolidate them companywide. Went from cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets to gaining ability to focus on delivering more complex services and decision support for clients. Standardised financial and workforce plans across a growing number of international, complex, diverse business units.

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"what-if” scenario analysis

Make informed decisions with “what-if” scenario analysis across plans and providers. Automated what-if scenarios modelling for faster strategic decisions making. 

Improved visibility and deeper business insights

Went from year end forecasting to monthly forecasting, giving decision makers a better view of their business. Brought in data from multiple sources to understand costs and forecast more accurately. 


Streamlined forecasting, better insights

Scenario analysis informs business decisions. Greater visibility into business performance. Turnaround time for ad hoc analysis reduced from 4 days to 3 hours.


Explore models built for the software and technology industry

Subscription waterfalls

Forecast new and renewal ACV/ARR, retention, and churn by segment.

Sales rep productivity

Plan sales rep capacity, quota coverage, and territories.

Cohort modeling

Model subscriber cohorts, retention, lead conversion, and contract ramping.

Professional services

Plan bookings, backlog hours, billing rates, and utilisation by role.

606 revenue and commissions amortisation

Model complex revenue and commission amortisation profiles based on contract duration.

Workforce planning

Plan and reconcile head count plans to manage a growing workforce.

Vendor-level spend

Budget and actualise IT, consulting, marketing, and other material expenses at the vendor level.

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