iCharts: Native Data Visualization for Netsuite

Introducing iCharts: Native Data Visualization for Netsuite
Real-Time NetSuite Reporting and Visual Analytics

Would you wish that your NetSuite data was more than just numbers? Do you spend large amounts of your valuable time and recourses, downloading the most up to date data from NetSuite and building pivot tables in Excel? What if this process could be automated, and the data be presented in real time? All this and more can be done effortlessly with iCharts directly in your dashboard.

Shearwater is your partner to implement data visualization in your instance of Netsuite in the Asia Pacific!

Our consultants will help take your data-driven decision making to the next level, leveraging the formidable data visualization capabilities of iCharts. 

What are the Benefits

The Visualizations 

Create and have easy access to data visualization directly on your Dashboard. Stay on top of current developments, as you can track the data you wish in real time. Analyze current and past data to make data-driven decisions on where to focus your limited time and resources.

Functionality Overview

Manipulate the charts and graphs with a click of the mouse button. Choose what data and from when easily in the chart builder. Hover over a chart, graph or bar to understand the data that is pulled directly from NetSuite.  

A Real World Example


Contact us today for a quote on implementation and subscription fees for this powerful tool for NetSuite.  And take your business to the next level.