Digital transition and System integration.

Going digital, ERP, budgeting and planning.


Any amount of change in an organization can be a challenge, and change in budgeting and planning practices are no different. Even if a decision is made at the top to incorporate, or migrate, current systems, there can be significant uncertainty among the personnel whose work routines will change. How these challenges are handled will greatly affect how well the requested change is received in the affected parts of the organization, and will, if best practices are considered and followed, affect the outcome for the betterment of both internal stakeholders and the company as a whole. Here at Shearwater we can help with the implementation of Netsuite and Adaptive Insights, a truly powerful financial package, all in the cloud.

According to Forbes, up to 84% of companies experience various degrees of failure when it comes to digital transformation. Michael Gale, an industry expert in integrated technology marketing and the founder of Strategic Oxygen, has identified 7 “drivers of digital opportunity”.

  • Executives Mandates are not enough.
  • Openness to alternative strategies drives digital
  • Digital requires a village and an architecture
  • Expectation Chasms
  • Success comes inside out and not from outside in
  • Digital takes different Metrics
  • Digital is not just consumer focused

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According to Michael Gale one of the most common obstacles to digital transformation is that not enough people within the organization are aware of the challenges it entails. Heeding this general advice on digitalization, how can this be applied in in the real world. We at Shearwater believe that thinking strategically about what systems to choose is critical. But not only that, it is also critical to consider how these systems can be connected, in order to extract the most value of the data that will be generated at all levels of the business. Making sure that the right people have access to only relevant and the right amount of information at any given time.

Keeping this in mind, I would like to talk a bit about the Adaptive integration network. The adaptive Suite has been developed with ease of use in mind, and this is no different integrating data from outside sources. Data can be imported automatically from standard spreadsheets, and a host of on-premise and in the cloud applications. Users do not need to know how to code, nor is it required to have the capability to build complicated SQL databases within the company. Everything works in a drag-and-drop fashion. That being said, SQL expressions can be used within the staging area to filter data. To this end, SQL syntax help is available in the system.

Furthermore, who has access to what data can be finely customized to ensure that users only have access to data relevant to them. This is not only a question of security but also about efficiency, and end user satisfaction with the system. Here at Shearwater, we can help your organization building the most efficient financial toolbox that matches your exact needs. And put you on your way to successful digital transition.