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Task Management

Get the job done, faster.


Promoting work efficiency with workflows standardisation

BlackLine provides a configurable solution for managing your operational processes. Built with comprehensive features, this cloud solution for accounting and finance centralises and allows you to streamline your financial and accounting tasks.

Your team can manage workflows, plan tasks, track and report fast and efficiently. This way, you can avoid financial bottlenecks by delegating tasks and standardising processes with BlackLine.


BlackLine Task Management Features

Create Team Hierarchies and Assign Tasks

BlackLine’s hierarchical task lists, task configurations, and an end-to-end view of tasks on the same platform help your finance and accounting team to execute role-based tasks more efficiently.

BlackLine’s Task Management feature integrates seamlessly with other finance and accounting processes such as Journal Entry and supports task variability like month-end close checklists, PBC lists, and tax filings. This cloud-based software aids in planning, automatically assigning tasks, and controlling the progress through features like an Outlook-style task calendar with colour-coded tasks and timeliness.

Acquire a Transparent Visibility of Your Team Progress

BlackLine’s Task Management feature ensures optimal work performance and quality remotely. Gain access to essential insight into your team’s performance with this cloud-based software for complete visibility and control. BlackLine’s tracking, review, and closing capabilities will facilitate excellent outcomes throughout the year and enable you to analyse key performance indicators for your own goals and objectives.

Reduce Response Time, Increase Work Productivity

You can achieve your goals by delegating tasks and maintaining a well-organised process. BlackLine’s Task Management feature provides configurable solutions to keep your teams aligned and on track while keeping a fixed timeline and resolution time to reach faster milestones with your financial close.

Easy Integration, Clarity and Simplicity

BlackLine’s Task Management feature can be easily integrated with your existing cloud-based solutions such as the Oracle NetSuite ERP system. Configurable tasks across BlackLine products ensure a secure and centralised system that can be integrated with reconciliations and journals, guaranteeing the correct sequence, flow, and rollup of related activities.

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