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Variance Analysis

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Understanding the Value of Variance Analysis in Optimising Organisational Productivity

In any business, variance analysis is a quantitative investigation, which is essential for analysing the difference between actual and planned behaviour. Accelerating the variance analysis process results in maintaining control over your business through the investigation of areas which illustrate poor performance.

Working overtime becomes necessary for your team to actively correct problems based on the analysis. Yet, the tedious labour is only cost-effective  if viable outcomes manage to provide an in-depth interpretation as to why such a problem occurred


BlackLine’s Variance Analysis Feature

Experience Profound Decision Making Beyond a Time-Consuming Process

Fixate your accounting team on underlying issues, one that brings profit into the equation through prioritising value-adding tasks above inefficient and unproductive non-value-adding tasks. BlackLine’s Variance Analysis automatically calculates and maintains variance activity, allowing for the comparison of cumulative balance and individual account activity changes between periods. In this manner, seamless corrective measures are quickly addressed for any adverse patterns. This software automates the process of continuously monitoring account and activity balance changes for improved decision-making, all while proactively supporting prompt analysis. With more active and precise decision data, you can figure out variables with a positive impact on business performance. You can build variance groups to track account and activity balance fluctuations from period to period.

Leveraging Real-Time Features, Strengthen Workflow Control

Having access to real-time variance analysis is critical for making informed decisions that are timely and not out of date. Accounting software such as BlackLine has revolutionised variance analysis by reducing complexity; increasing its cost-effectiveness.

Similarly, BlackLine software continues to help your business by:
- Automating your General Ledger balance import from variegated sources, eliminating error-ridden spreadsheets.
- Integrating with any ERP system to accelerate required investigations and automatically calculate fluctuations.
- Providing a complete view of the status of every variance analysis guarantees your teams are on the same page, and every review is focused on detecting risks.

Once the variance analysis is completed, it can be automatically routed to other management for review and approval, providing absolute integrity.

Standardise The Approach While Delivering over 15 Multitudes of Period Comparisons

The user and team assignments displayed across each variance analysis employ control users with a clear escalation route. Additionally, with over 15 types of period comparisons, this allows your team to monitor variances such as budget vs. actual cost, material fluctuations, relational accounts, period and seasonal changes, as well as many others. Once equipped, your decision-making in business accelerates further without jeopardising organisational change.

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