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Journal Entry

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Manual Transaction Matching: A Risk To Reconciliation Accuracy

Journal entry tracks business transactions, summarised and rolled forward into the general ledger. Printing, sorting, and classifying many financial documents can be repetitious and error-prone. BlackLine automates this procedure to speed up and improve report accuracy without sacrificing efficiency.


BlackLine’s Journal Entry Features

Automate And Standardise Recurring Journal Creation

BlackLine facilitates the generation of financial journals by importing data from any journal, report writer, or external system. Automating recurring journal entries, quick certification, and approval workflow routing reduce time spent entering transactions.

BlackLine Integrates With Your ERP System To Improve Efficiency

Your financial team can quickly identify transaction problems while protecting your organisation against revenue loss with value-adding analysis. Journal Entry Template displays journal entries in real time and links them to account reconciliations.

Streamline Workflows, Simplify Audits and Increase Visibility

Journal Entry template is fully modifiable to accommodate your organisation's financial journal layouts. Validation rules eliminate invalid data and maintain accuracy through pre-defined logic.

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