PayPal Integration

The bank reconciliation procedure for e-commerce businesses is labour-intensive and prone to human error resulting from manual data entry. Workato automates bank reconciliation and other business operations by integrating PayPal with eclectic business process management tools, such as Oracle NetSuite and SAP Business One.

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Workato Features for PayPal

Stripe Integration

Automation of Bank Reconciliations

Using a spreadsheet to analyse thousands of PayPal transactions can be laborious manually. Workato’s integration-driven automation facilitates this procedure by synchronising PayPal with financial management applications.

Sales Automation


E-commerce companies need help with transaction visibility. Workato assists in integrating payment platforms such as PayPal with their back-end systems to ensure data synchronisation and complete visibility into the process.

Centralise Databases

360-Degree Of Real-Time View

By integrating your business’s disparate systems, Workato provides Stripe users with a unified, authoritative source of information. What’s more, the data’s real-time nature helps companies discover new opportunities.


Seamless, Easy Integrations

To facilitate transactions, businesses constantly utilise third-party solution providers’ services. Workato assures an easy integration with other providers using low code/no-code integrators to automate complex and difficult processes.

Workato benefits for PayPal

NetSuite Integration
Low-code/no-code integrations
Stripe Integration
Enable Automation in scale
Stripe integration
Minimise revenue and saving costs in IT
Stripe integration
Automate the key financial procedure
360-degree view of
business processes

PayPal Integration

Do everything in one place

Customise your PayPal

Give your business the extra edge and enable automation with Workato’s PayPal integration

PayPal integration is available for over 1000 apps

Instantly connect PayPal with thousands of applications – cutting across various departments


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