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AR is a crucial component of managing cash flow. Understanding a company's cash flow and overall financial health requires accurate accounts receivable records.

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After billing, customers pay your business in accounts receivable. Non-paying customers can hurt cash flow, loan applications, and investor interest. An account receivable may lose value if a customer pays late.

Oracle NetSuite automates accounts receivable management. This speeds payments and detects declining accounts receivable cash flow, enabling companies to invoice and collect payments quickly. It shows accounting teams what’s happening and what needs their attention. Oracle NetSuite improves AR productivity, centralisation, and flexibility. Configurable dashboards show KPIs and purchase orders. This aids the organisation and prevents late payments.

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Why Oracle NetSuite Accounts Receivable?

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Oracle NetSuite Accounts Receivable

NetSuite Inventory Management minimizes manual processes by automatically tracking inventory levels, orders and sales throughout the inventory life cycle, and provides clear visibility into any inventory liabilities.

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