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Financial services businesses operate in an ever-evolving, disruptive, and volatile environment that requires them to be equipped with agile cloud solutions to respond to changing market demands. Oracle NetSuite delivers to financial services businesses a highly scalable, fully integrated, solution that automates key processes and ensures you comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

Oracle NetSuite enables financial services companies to meet their different needs on a single platform. The cloud business management suite helps your whole organisation run more smoothly and gives real-time information to make intelligent decisions.

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Apply For The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) And Digitise Your Business With Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP

Benefits of Implementing
Oracle NetSuite Financial Services

Features of
Oracle NetSuite Financial Services

NetSuite Inventory Management minimizes manual processes by automatically tracking inventory levels, orders and sales throughout the inventory life cycle, and provides clear visibility into any inventory liabilities.

Why Choose Shearwater Asia

Shearwater Asia is an award-winning Oracle NetSuite solutions provider in the Asian region with over 14 years of experience and with clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China

Our experienced consultants have a proven track record of over 200 successful financial planning and analysis implementations, providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and objectives.

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