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Supply Chain Management

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Geopolitical and economic events can have a significant impact on the manufacturing supply chain. If a trade policy prevents a manufacturer from acquiring supplies from one of its suppliers, the manufacturer must be able to quickly obtain the materials from a different source.

The Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP providers demand planning, inventory management, and predictive analytics capabilities to optimise production strategies, work orders, and routing to execute supply plans and ensure on-time product delivery.

Oracle NetSuite
Supply Chain Management Capabilities


Supply Planning

Oracle NetSuite supply chain planning helps businesses make informed decisions while ensuring product availability. Supply planning optimises stock use and inventory levels by considering all inventory across locations. Avoid overstocking and reduce overhead.

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Capacity Planning

Oracle NetSuite compares production demand to resource availability with rough-cut capacity planning (RCP). RCP estimates equipment resource demand and reports on remaining capacity and labour. Using Oracle NetSuite data, RCP plans can show how revisions affect supply and demand.

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Demand Planning

Optimise stock levels and supply chain planning by determining when and how much to reorder. Oracle NetSuite demand planning improves forecast accuracy—ensuring you have the right items to fill orders without overstocking warehouse shelves or increasing overhead costs.


Supply Chain Control Tower

Analyse capacity inventory purchases and production with Oracle NetSuite supply chain control tower. You can understand how actions may affect business processes using predictive risk tools—and forecast accurately.

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Production Planning and Scheduling

Production scheduling organises, manages, and optimises production and manufacturing workloads. Effective production plans allow you to determine item routes, start & end dates and capacity.


The Supply Chain Execution

The central database of Oracle NetSuite updates inventory, production, financial reports, and outstanding orders in real-time. Automated procurement and production processes aid in meeting customer demand on time by executing supply chain plans.

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