Make Your Planning Easier & Smooth With Shearwater Asia

Running an organisation successfully is not easy. You need the right planning with an absolute pace to keep up with business priorities and discover new opportunities. However, relying on spreadsheets and old planning platforms may not let you adapt to the dynamic nature of your business.

Besides, you’ll have a plan that’s way out of sync with corporate and finance plans. That’s the reason most people are using workday adaptive planning solutions. It allows finance, HR, and business leaders to plan collaboratively — and rapidly put those plans into motion.

With Workday Workforce Management, one can model the optimal workforce, standardise plans over business units, plan for any situation, and team to make workforce plans that blend with your corporate plans.

Use Shearwater to keep your project, financial, and people data in one place, making you easily adapt in real-time and make the most of every project. It can help you raise your business workforce planning and forecasting journey to the best level. An appropriate data core makes it easy to determine project dependencies and constraints so you can find out about the business impact of every decision.

Make Planning Easy With Shearwater-

1Headcount, cost, and resource planning — Work on hiring, transfer, salary, bonus, salary growth, and staff resources to satisfy operational needs. Optimise the organisational structure.

2. Strategic workforce planning — Strategic workforce planning offers the ability to identify demand gaps and measures to fill the gaps.

3. Talent Planning — Get insights to optimise talent sources.

4. Take the manpower plan to a new level — It allows one to view or manipulate manpower data to plan without limitations.

5. Integrate real-time data from ERP & HCM systems — Strategize, optimise and revise your present workforce plans.

3 Main Advantages of Using Workday –

1. Workforce Management

2. Revenue Management

3. Expense Management

Many organisations from diverse sectors, like technology, healthcare, etc., utilise Workday and ensure the success of their projects. It is an outstanding option when you require top workforce management tools and when you have a company with employees ranging from 250 to 1,000.

Shearwater is a reliable platform that contributes to the development of consumers by providing consulting and tech solutions. Its adaptive functions ensure there are no complications in working. You are no longer occupied with juggling with Excel spreadsheets, and you can consume your time investigating your growth and performance.

Experience Workday Adaptive Planning Today.