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non profit


Optimise organisation's financial management with our comprehensive funding forecasting, programme and staff expense tracking, revenue stream management.

business service

Business Services

Improve project planning, profitability analysis, capacity modelling and workforce planning for growth.

non profit

Maritime and Aviation

Gives you simplicity to quickly see the potential margins and impact, so you can plan for multiple scenarios to guide you in making better commercial decisions.

finance 1

Financial Service

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your financials through thorough forecasting.

media entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Optimise Media and Entertainment businesses with our comprehensive solutions.

public transportation


Harness the full potential of our solution with streamlined planning, budgeting, and forecasting capabilities.

insurance 2


Empower your insurance company to efficiently strategies, budget, and forecast future scenarios.



Model tuition and attendance, budget faculty and staff levels, and forecast funding scenarios.



Provide retailers with the powerful modelling, planning, and budgeting capabilities.

pharmacy biotech

Pharma and Biotech

Empower life sciences organisations with the capabilities of our solution.

software technology

Software and Technology

Our solution supports software and technology organisations to swiftly adapt and respond to future challenges

energy utilities

Energy and Utility

Optimise capital expenditures and labour costs across their extensive network of plants and locations.



In the competitive landscape of the Hospitality industry, catering to consumer preferences is crucial.



Harness the strength of a resilient system for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and modelling.



Our solution encourages manufacturers to plan, model, forecast, and adapt efficiently.

Why Choose Shearwater Asia

Shearwater Asia is an award-winning Workday Adaptive Planning solutions provider in Asia with over 14 years of experience in helping businesses enhance financial planning and analysis procedures to optimise decision-making and achieve superior business results.

Our experienced consultants have a proven track record of over 200 successful financial planning and analysis implementations, providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and objectives.

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