Shearwater Asia Group Named Winner of the FY23 Solution Provider of the Year Award – Rising Star

Shearwater Group announced it was named a winner of the FY23 Solution Provider of the Year Award – Rising Star by Workday. The awards were announced during the Workday Sales Kick-off on February 28, 2023.

The FY23 Solution Provider of the Year Award – Rising Star acknowledges Asia’s top-performing Workday Adaptive Planning Solution Provider, achieving the most tremendous year-on-year increase in joint business with Workday. Additionally, the award recognizes the provider that has secured the largest Workday Adaptive Planning deal in Japan during Q4. Workday Adaptive Planning is a powerful tool that facilitates ongoing enterprise planning for finance, workforce, sales, and operations.

The Shearwater Group is a company that specializes in business transformation in Asia. They have offices in different parts of the region, including Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. With their expertise, they help other companies optimize their performance by utilizing technology. They have dedicated templates for various industries, such as high-growth technology companies, services, distribution, manufacturing, hospitality, and non-governmental organizations. By using Workday Adaptive Planning, businesses can achieve continuous enterprise planning for finance, workforce, sales, and operations and enjoy its benefits soon after implementation.

With extensive industry experience and a wealth of technical skills, the Shearwater Group also helps companies integrate disparate systems into Workday Adaptive Planning by collecting data from multiple sources and giving one comprehensive picture via Workday Adaptive Planning. 

The Shearwater Group is part of the Workday Adaptive Planning Solution Providers Program that delivers deployment services to a customer base of more than 6000 customers.

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