Oracle NetSuite
For Wholesale Distributors

With thousands of successful implementations, Oracle NetSuite has a deep understanding of wholesale distribution businesses across all sectors and the challenges they face.

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A company’s growth may bring unexpected challenges that require advanced preparation. Supplier price hikes and new shipping options like drop shipping have weighed on the business. Wholesale distributors must adapt to rapid changes and remain adaptable to succeed. 

Distributors can manage their operations using Oracle NetSuite’s unified platform. Orders sent through the system make product and price information easier to find. Comparing outside prices helps set competitive prices. Employing custom rules enables you to speed up transaction processing and shipping.

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Benefits of Implementing
Oracle NetSuite For Wholesale Distributors

Features of
Oracle NetSuite For Wholesale Distributors

Oracle NetSuite’s comprehensive fulfillment controls help you reduce your cycle times and shipping costs while increasing your on-time delivery rates. Improve pick, pack and ship process with zone and wave picking while prioritizing picking by carrier pick up time.

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Shearwater Asia is an award-winning Oracle NetSuite solutions provider in the Asian region with over 14 years of experience and with clients  in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China 

Our experienced consultants have a proven track record of over 200 successful financial planning and analysis implementations, providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and objectives. 

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