Cloud Application Deployment

Digital transformation efforts through cloud application deployment processes such as the implementation of business solutions like cloud ERP ads impetus on businesses to follow rigorously tested methods to ensure success. Especially when a company is migrating from on-premises systems to the cloud. 

With over 10 years of experience in helping businesses undertake digital transformation through successful implementation of solutions such as cloud ERP, Shearwater Asia is equipped with the right skills and experience to help businesses succeed in the cloud application deployment process.


Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP
Our cloud ERP solution helps businesses automate key financial processes and unlock critical insights key to strategic decision-making.

Below are the steps that Shearwater Asia initiatives when your business begins its migration to cloud

Cloud Application Deployment

Discovery & Planning

The discovery and planning stage is one of the crucial first steps that we will help assist you in. If the project involves the implementation of a cloud ERP system, for instance, then it is important to understand the present challenges faced by the company when it comes to handling business processes and how to tailor the new system to fit your organisation. 

Cloud Application Deployment


The design phase involves the presence of representatives from both senior management and also executives from different departments. This is to ensure that the present problems are properly understood when the new system is designed. It is also imperative that users of the system are part of this plan. As they have the ground up understanding of the execution of the company’s business processes.

Cloud Application Deployment

Configuration and Development

Once the need is identified and the design is in place, then the development of the new system can begin. Businesses often have a variety of different systems to handle different tasks. Shearwater Asia offers integration solutions that enable companies to connect these different systems together with little or no coding.

Cloud Application Deployment


The testing process can often be initiated while development is still going on as modules that are ready can be put to use. The testing process is also one that is incremental as we go from testing the basic functions of your new system to subjecting the system to more rigorous testing. This process can be of greater benefit if the end users are able to take part. It is also important for companies at this stage to make full use of the training materials provided. To ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Cloud Application Deployment


As the development process nears its end, and rigorous testing concludes, the deployment phase can begin in earnest. Vendors often discuss beforehand with customers on whether the new system is rolled out all at once or if they are to be done incrementally. Shearwater Asia’s experience in numerous cloud migration projects ensures it is always prepared to face teething issues when the system goes live. And the concerns of users of an entirely new system are addressed.

Cloud Application Deployment

Support and Updates

One of the key steps which is often overlooked, is the after sales, customer support management. When a new system is implemented, it is only natural that users need time getting used to it. In addition to this, user feedback is also key in determining the success of a cloud migration project. As evidenced by various awards we have received, Shearwater Asia pays careful attention to its customers feedback and strives to serve its customers post-implementation of a project.


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