Mastering ERP Implementation and Selection: High Demands, Higher Expectations

As we continue to support our customers’ digital transformation journey, we are constantly seeking ways to help them understand the value of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. At the same time, we strive to adequately showcase our product’s capabilities and our ERP implementation team’s expertise so that customers prioritise us when making decisions on selection and project initiation.

But, how can we effectively communicate the advantages of ERP to our clients?

Picture this scenario: My boss frequently tells me that our messaging should be clear, professional, and interesting and convey what value we can provide our customers. Otherwise, customers might not find it appealing.

You see, my boss has quite a lot of expectations.

Like constructing effective copywriting, a management system like an ERP must also meet numerous business demands. It needs to be:

a. Flexible

b. Expandable or scalable 

c. Customisable

d. Have a comprehensive functionality

e. Empower business growth 

f. Embedded business intelligence 

g. Satisfy financial needs 

h. Cater to sales and operational requirements

i. Can support logistics and supply chain demands and even cross-border international requirements. 

From this perspective, businesses have even more requirements for a high-quality ERP than my boss has for quality copywriting. 

As a business decision-maker, you must be able to comprehend why deploying ERP is a crucial step. Consider the following points: 

a. The challenges of integrating finance and operations

b. The lack of real-time visualised business data

c. The errors and time-consuming manual processes

d. The demanding audit requirements and, 

e. The high risks associated with international tax compliance and budget planning.

However, implementing an ERP system can be tricky. Think about your outdated ERP system with scanty features, poor user experience, and inaccurate data — all these can severely hinder your ability to make informed business decisions. 

This is why choosing the appropriate product and having a skilled project implementation team are critical factors that every business leader must consider to make sound decisions. What’s more, without a proficient team to implement the project, you will be left with high maintenance costs, outdated technology, and subpar operational services that significantly impact the value of your ERP implementation project.

You may now realise the significance of high-quality software and a competent project implementation team to address these challenges. These issues require a reliable solution, and a skilled team can provide precisely that.

Businesses not only have a multitude of demands for selecting and deploying a high-quality ERP but very high expectations, too. 

Yes, it’s as high as our boss’s demands 😉

Let’s compare this situation in crafting good copywriting. 

There was a time when we immersed ourselves in the sea of refining promotional copy and packaging proposals. We took it very seriously, ensuring every word and sentence conveyed the reading experience and tangible value our target customers needed. 

Throughout this process, the sales, implementation, and even customer support teams joined in this copywriting effort. Gradually, everything we accomplished, from small copywriting tasks to launching every single project, was results-oriented and efficient. It improved the quality of our work and delivered the value that customers urgently needed.

Choosing a highly skilled implementation team is essential. Settling for the best quality ERP solution is even more critical. 

Here are our recommended solutions to consider whether you seek to implement ERP or EPM systems

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite helps organisations streamline critical business processes, focus on the things that matter, and create more value while responding quickly to market changes and capturing future business opportunities with agility. From financial management to supply chain management to billing management, NetSuite Enterprise Cloud ERP software empowers businesses with powerful momentum to accelerate growth and ongoing innovation.


It is a cloud-based financial and accounting software that helps unify systems and data on a single cloud platform and modernises the bookkeeping process for businesses by automating bank reconciliation and other manual procedures.

Workday Adaptive Planning

Providing budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis solutions for businesses of various sizes. It boasts industry-leading accessibility along with the security, scalability, and flexibility required for complex planning. It seamlessly connects to any ERP/GL or other data sources, allowing business teams to easily access financial information, enhance data analysis, and make faster decisions.

Final Words

Taking a strategic and well-structured approach is crucial to ensure that every stage focuses on achieving results and maximising efficiency. Ultimately, the success of your ERP project hinges on making two key decisions: selecting a highly skilled implementation team and choosing the best ERP solution. These choices cannot be overemphasised as they will dictate your ERP project’s impact on your business.

The selection and implementation of an ERP system bear striking similarities to crafting good copywriting. Both endeavours carry high expectations, demanding precision and attention to detail. Businesses grapple not only with various demands but also with lofty expectations. Well, much like the exacting standards set by our bosses.

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