Cloud ERP systems
for Marketing and Sales

Cloud ERP systems for marketing and sales teams bring in new leads and extend offers to existing customers. Most cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software come equipped with solutions that help manage lead generation and campaigns effectively. 

By providing real-time visibility – into orders, inventory, billing, shipment, customer financials, order history, returns, payments, pricing – the marketing and sales team gets an unprecedented consolidated view of all customer interactions and allows them to make informed decisions.

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Benefits of Oracle NetSuite for
Marketing and Sales

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Run omnichannel retail campaigns

Companies' marketing and sales teams can benefit greatly from a cloud ERP system’s ability to bring consolidated data from various customer touchpoints. As these data are available in real-time, it is especially beneficial for companies with omnichannel business strategies. Marketing and sales officers get to make strategic decisions on the fly based on live data showing customer interactions across different retail channels.

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Cloud ERP solutions provide a correlation between the items that customers purchase. Functions like the upsell manager allow businesses to identify customers who offer a good opportunity for upselling. It then provides a list of customers and an item or set of items they might purchase.

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Modern-day cloud EPR systems come equipped with a full set of standard marketing reports. Such as the campaign ROI and campaign response reports. You can customise reports to meet the needs of your business. Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide immediate updates on your campaigns as you get real-time data as orders are received or campaign email is viewed.

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Easily manage campaigns

With a few steps, you can create and execute campaigns that give you maximum visibility into each campaign's impact on your business. A cloud ERP system’s reports and KPIs provide a comprehensive look into your marketing campaigns. You can effectively track lead source data, return on investment (ROI) and campaign response for entire campaigns as well as individual campaign events.

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Remote access

In a digital business environment, responding to market developments and changes is of utmost importance. Modern-day cloud ERP software allows the marketing and sales teams of businesses to be equipped with data at their fingertips by providing access anywhere, anytime and on any device, provided you have internet access.


Tracking paid keywords

Most cloud ERP solutions can help track the revenue generated by paid keywords through the lead source field on sales transactions. The tracked payment enables you to calculate return on investment (ROI). Keyword campaigns track the paid keywords, search engines, and target audience. These campaigns also follow the URL associated with the keyword search results.


Oracle NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, having been deployed in 40,000 companies and subsidiaries across 160 countries.

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