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Workday Operational Planning

Improve your business's sales and operations planning processes with Workday Operational Planning, a reliable and efficient centralised data management system. Ensure minimal errors and more accurate data.

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Undertaking digital transformation is a complex yet essential process for businesses operating in the digital age. 

Here are some of our customers who have chosen Shearwater Asia to implement cloud-based ERP and EPM system. 

Benefits of Workday Sales and Operations
Planning Software

Overview of Workday
Sales and Operations Planning

Workday gives you a single source of truth and visibility across the business—enabling collaboration across departments.

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Demand & Supply Planning

Generate demand forecasts and optimise resource allocation using financial, operational, or sales data for short and long-term periods. Create inventory plans to ensure timely delivery and optimal stock levels and adapt to future supply changes efficiently.

Marketing Planning

Analyse campaign effects with scenario models, adjusting time, cost, and channel variables. Detect spending gaps by comparing planned and actual expenses. Determine best campaigns and investments through multiple scenarios. Evaluate market expansion's impact on important aspects.

Project Planning

Efficiently allocate project expenses using flexible driver-based models and built-in rules engine. Streamline resource, skill, project, and cost tracking through customisation. Generate custom reports, track expenses in real-time, and distribute findings

Sales Planning

Align sales resources with revenue targets, improve decision-making, and modify sales strategies in real-time with our sales planning platform. It offers flexibility and adaptability to seamlessly integrate with your sales processes in optimizing sales strategy.


Shearwater Asia is an award-winning Workday Adaptive Planning solutions provider in Asia with over 14 years of experience in helping businesses enhance financial planning and analysis procedures to optimise decision-making and achieve superior business results.

Our experienced consultants have a proven track record of over 200 successful financial planning and analysis implementations, providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and objectives.

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