A Growth Potential for Your Business: Cloud-based Modern Planning Tools for Large Enterprises

Large organisations in today’s fast-paced business environment require a robust planning platform to navigate economic fluctuations, shifting consumer behaviour, and market volatility without compromising user experience. Forward-thinking financial leaders understand that effective planning leads to enhanced agility, but outdated financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes can hinder progress. Lengthy decision-making cycles, organisational silos, and manual tasks drain productivity, leaving many corporations struggling to keep pace. Enter cloud-based modern planning solutions and strategic tools, empowering entire organisations to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances, even amidst radical instability and disruption.

However, not all planning solutions are created equal. Large businesses, in particular, need a planning platform capable of handling complex, multidimensional models without sacrificing speed while supporting a wide range of users. Workday Adaptive Planning stands out as a meticulously designed solution to meet the evolving demands placed on businesses, especially as they navigate intricate scenarios and incorporate input from various functional areas within their organisation.

Unlock Deeper Insights with Large, Complex Models

Organisations are employing planning models to gain deeper insights into revenue, workforce projections, and various scenarios. They are also harnessing more operational data, both internally and from external benchmarks to improve plan accuracy. The integration of cross-functional data from human resources, sales, marketing, project management, labour, and other sources has become crucial to evaluating the impact of strategic plans and scenario analyses.

As organisations increasingly leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance forecast accuracy, finance departments are incorporating novel external datasets, including labour statistics and marketing insights.

These factors have led to more extensive planning templates and reports. Workday Adaptive Planning enhances value by automatically scaling memory and computing power when needed, ensuring rapid response times for analytics, calculations, and data updates. It supports virtually limitless dimensions and complex planning and scenario analytics versions.

Scale Seamlessly to Meet Your Needs

Furthermore, it allows a large number of concurrent users to access and analyse data during critical periods while maintaining essential data and dimensional security for individual planners. This is especially critical as stakeholders from across the organisation actively participate in enterprise planning, such as workforce planning, which involves collaboration between HR, finance, operations, and IT to create adaptable workforce plans.

Seize the Opportunity for Transformation with Modern Planning

With the right planning technology, FP&A, HR, and operational teams can elevate their organisation’s planning by gaining multidimensional insight, utilising operational data, and collaborating with stakeholders for optimised business forecasting. A modern planning solution that prioritises performance and scalability incorporates modelling intelligence and lays the foundation for future capabilities like AI and ML, guaranteeing success in managing planning complexities. In summary, the gap is widening between top-performing businesses that proactively plan for change and those that merely react.

Make the smart choice today and empower your organisation to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape with Workday Adaptive Planning’s advanced cloud planning solutions.

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