LeaseGen for Aviation Leasing

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to streamlined aircraft management. Discover aircraft profitability at a glance.

Accelerate commercial decision-making process. LeaseGen’s performance is unmatched when handling complex data, unlike traditional spreadsheets not built for such tasks. Our cloud-based solution offers a secure and convenient way to access all your data from multiple devices in one centralised repository. Experience seamless integration and rapid updates with our fully integrated system. See immediate results with our efficient model integration.

With LeaseGen for Aviation Leasing, access comprehensive financial statements for each aircraft in your portfolio. Gain insights into every MSN’s income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

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Undertaking business can be inherently complex. We deliver complex driver-based performance management systems in 90 days. Transform your reporting, forecasting, and planning processes.

Discover how we provide a seamless experience tailored to your needs and deliver exceptional results. Improve industry competitiveness with our line of expertise.

Benefits of LeaseGen for Aviation Leasing

Features of LeaseGen for Aviation Leasing


Simple Calculations

Flexible analyses of multiple dimensions, integrate with CMS, and effortlessly calculate portfolio data. The ultimate solution for cash flows, residual value, lease rate factor, and more. Streamline your aircraft portfolio management.


Treasury Management

LeaseGen integrates with your TMS, consolidating all debt-related data into a unified environment. Gain comprehensive debt reporting from asset type to MSN level. Conduct intricate cash forecasting and scenario planning with ease.


Lease Extensions

LeaseGen serves as a centralised repository for remarketing plans organised by MSN. It provides essential portfolio details that allow you to proactively plan for lease extensions and accurately specify expenses for off-lease transitions.

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Balance Sheet

With LeaseGen, you can efficiently reconcile the net book value of your balance sheet by MSN. Easily drill down by entity and make parameter changes with simplicity and speed.



Centrally store intangible data per MSN, including LIA, LCA, and FV intangibles. Automate amortisation profiles for lease-related changes or disposals. Easily manage data with instant updates to financial statements.

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You can select the dimensions to include in your reports with complete flexibility. Analyse the data vertically and horizontally, tailoring your views to meet your needs. Enjoy customisable and user-defined reporting views.

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